Environmental Awareness

The Group strives to ensure that the appropriate level of environmental care is achieved within the Project area and is committed to conducting all operations in an environmentally sustainable manner. This approach is designed to mitigate any potential adverse impact our operations may have on both the environment and the community. To date, there has been minimal environmental impact largely due to the non-mechanised, minimally invasive mining methods favoured by the Company.

The Group conducts its activities in accordance with its obligations under the Contract of Work and prevailing regulations regarding environmental matters. Environmental impact assessments are conducted and comprehensive rehabilitation and reforestation takes place on compensation land purchased by PTNM and donated to the Ministry of Forestry.

On-going activities conducted under the Company’s Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan include:

  • Rainfall monitoring and subsequent water usage and quality analysis;
  • Monitoring Project waste disposal, including strict hydrocarbon and hazardous waste disposal procedures and any adverse environmental consequences this may have;
  • Close observation and monitoring of the Tailings Storage Facility in accordance with required environmental parameters;
  • Protection and conservation of wildlife, in particular those species that may be protected or endangered; and
  • Rehabilitation and re-vegetation in the areas of mining and exploration activities, assisted by the establishment of an on-site nursery to cultivate seedlings and other associated plant life.