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Talang Samin

An extensive mapping programme identified the “Talang Cluster” which is made up of multiple structures out-cropping at surface within a two kilometer radius of the mine, charactersistic of many larger epithermal systems. The Talang Samin prospect within the Talang Cluster, located approximately 800m west-south-west of Talang Santo has been identified as a high priority area.

Talang Samin was identified in 2011 with the discovery of a seven metres wide outcrop of clay-silica alteration encapsulating alternating chalcedonic and banded quartz veins exposed in a creek bed. A limited drilling campaign was undertaken into the underlying vein structure with several narrow but high grade intersections returned:


DDH 168 6.2m @ 3.85g/t Au and 14.24g/t Ag from 234.6m
(including 0.2m @ 20.3g/tAu and 1,049g/t Ag)


DDH 180 4.75m @ 4.3g/t Au and 5.45g/t Ag from 73.75m
(including 0.5m @ 32.2g/t Au and 30.4g/t Ag)

An exploration shaft has been sunk to a depth of 75m with the aim of exposing the large interpreted vein. It is anticipated that development will have accessed this by late September 2014, this will provide an indication of the potential present at Talang Samin to contribute an additional production source for the project.