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The Way Linggo Project encompasses an area of 100km2 and is held under a 4th generation Contract of Work with the Indonesian Government. It is located on the prolifically mineralised Trans-Sumatran Fault, which is part of the Pacific Rim of Fire. The area is considered highly prospective for low sulphidation epithermal gold-silver depositions with several multi-million ounce deposits located on it.

More specifically, the Way Linggo Project is located over a zone of structural complexity at the northern end of the Semangka Graben where pull-apart basins, fault splays and dilational jogs occur related to the Trans Sumatran Fault Zone. The Trans Sumatran Fault is a major dextral strike slip fault within the Sunda-Banda Volcanic Arc. All significant gold deposits known on the island of Sumatra are related to this structure.

Other significant gold deposits in Sumatra and West Java is similar structural settings are Martabe (5.90Moz Au), Pongkor (3.6Moz Au), Lebong Tandai (1.4Moz Au) and Lebong Donok (1.3Moz Au).

Trans sumatran fault line

The Way Linggo Project holds enormous exploration potential, with the broader Project area remaining highly prospective and under explored for additional gold deposits. The exploration team has been tasked with the creation of a systematic and disciplined exploration program to be implemented over the course of the 2018 and 2019  financial years to develop a pipeline of targets aimed at delineating a near term production target.